Aerial Surveying Services . .

What is 3D Mapping and Aerial Surveying and what does it have to do with drones?

Using the latest in drone & camera technology, along with specialist software, we are now able to offer a wide range of Mapping & Surveying solutions. These can be tailored to suit any need and can prove to be very cost effective when compared to the same tasks being carried out by personnel.

Our drones can fly over a designated area taking a wide range of photographs from a number of angles, this is then imported into the specialist software which converts the images into Orthomosaics, DSMs, DTMs and highly accurate point clouds. These can then be imported into a wide range of recognized CAD and Analytical software to gain further information from the maps & 3D Models provided. With Lidar like accuracy these maps & models open up a new way to quickly and easily gain further information such as measurements or volumes of large areas of land or structural models for a wide variety of purposes. Below are a few of the sectors that can benefit from these technologies. If you would like any further information on any of these sectors or the technology and its abilities, please feel free to contact us and a member of the team will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.

Aerial Surveying - Mining & Quarries - Copyright WeFlyDrones

Mines & Quarries . .

The latest in UAV Hardware Technology and specialist software makes the management of extraction activities and environmental protection issues easy-to-handle. With the use of drones the information required can be made available on demand, and in and cost-effective way, without exposing any personnel to dangerous conditions. Traditional surveying technology is labour, skill and cost-intensive, while mapper and UAV imagery increases safety, efficiency and accuracy. Using this technology enables us to produce orthomosaics, DSMs, DTMs and point clouds of large area pits and quarries to calculate volumes of extracted materials, volumes of stockpiles and monitor hot-spots or interesting site areas.

This new and effective process of generating up-to-date information allows for continuous monitoring and well-informed decision making for any area of a mining site. Results obtained with this software are comparable over time in order to comply with environmental standards.

Agriculture . .

More and more agricultural farms are turning to drones for their precision surveying. Precision agriculture calls for continuous land management at a competitive cost. Localising and quantifying hotspot areas in fields, orchards and vineyards is now made possible with a variety of indices that we can generate using specialist software and pictures taken from our drone.

Using our Drone we can take multiple images from a specific height over the total area of crop or field, then using the specialist software we can create index maps such as NDVIs, DVIs SAVI and many more. We can then export this data directly to AG software or tractor display. The flight information is stored which means that the same flight can be made multiple times over a period and then the maps generated can be compared directly side by side to see if any actions you have decided to take are having any effect, and allows for well-structured future decision making.

Aerial Surveying - Agriculture - Copyright WeFlyDrones
Aerial Surveying - Natural Resources - Copyright WeFlyDrones

Natural Resource Management . .

With the planet being depleted of resources everyday, keeping an accurate account of what exactly is going on is now more important than ever. We can offer you an affordable solution to create accurate and timely mosaics and models of wide areas to keep track of resources. Our solution will enable you to create extensive inventories of natural resources, verify the enforcement of environmental regulations, and assess the vigour of vegetation with vegetation indices to name only some examples. Output results such as orthomosaics, DSMs, DTMs, contour lines can be produced. These maps will integrate seamlessly into your existing GIS software. WeFlyDrones offer you an efficient and affordable way to map and model natural areas, parks, reserves and nature conservation areas so that you can focus more time on the analysis of environmental data.