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Weather and Cancellations

WeFlyDrones do our best to keep an eye on the weather as far in advance as we can. If the forecast is looking unsuitable for a booked date, we will always aim to notify the client as early as we can to make other arrangements. As the weather plays a key part in allowing us to fly, if conditions go against us (rain, strong winds) and we are not able to shoot, another day for filming will be re-scheduled and the deposit will be transferred to this date.

If another date cannot be scheduled, or there is a cancellation due to any other issue and the client decides that they no longer wish to use our services, the 40% deposit will not be refunded, unless due to exceptional circumstances. All refunds will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that by agreeing to the job and paying the 40% deposit, you’re agreeing to these terms and conditions and WeFlyDrones decision in regards to refunds are final. Additionally, if there are any other incurred costs to WeFlyDrones, these will be chargeable to the client and are subject to our normal invoice terms.

Potential use of videos and photos for WeFlyDrones PR and Showreels

We love what we do and are very proud of the work that we are lucky enough to undertake. So naturally we are always actively looking to promote our services. We will never publish any footage or images we shoot until our clients have released the content themselves. However, we do reserve the right to use ANY of our footage for internal promotion, this can include and is not limited to the footage being used for our showreels for PR purposes to promote WeFlyDrones.

If you are adverse to any of the footage being used in this way please let us know at the start of the job. This way we can ensure all team members know that this footage is not to be included in any form of PR.


If a full day is booked, this is a 7 hour day and half days are 3.5 hours. If for any reason the project exceeds these timings, then 25% of the rate will be charged for each extra hour required.


All imagery remains the property of WeFlyDrones until full payment has been received.

Additional Costing

Travel Expenses for UK-based projects will be charged at 45p per mile. If additional accommodation is required this will be chargeable to the client unless specifically specified. This will always be discussed and agreed beforehand on a project-by-project basis.

We are happy to pencil in potential dates for you without a deposit. However, should another client request the same date, we will give you first refusal and if you still wish to proceed on this day, a 40% deposit will be required to secure this date.


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